The following document is a catalogue and characterisation of models currently able to provide all of the following:

  • country-level estimates of TB
  • the health impact of competing policy alternatives for TB control
  • guidance on optimal resource allocation or the exploration of incremental cost-effectiveness

Currently this consist of 6 models and associated modelling teams, although we welcome the addition of any models not listed that can provide the above. Please note that the catalogue is not intended as either an endorsement or a critique of the models involved, but rather as an aid to demonstrate the features and functioning of the models and modelling teams. The catalogue can also be viewed in Google Docs or downloaded below.

The model catalogue consists of a set of eight tabs (see below) characterising separate features of each model. These include both the underlying epidemiological and cost models, the policy options that the model is able to represent, how the model develops an optimal portfolio, the approach of the modelling team to technical assistance, a previous history of model applications and some of the major limitations of the model. Each tab is separated into separate sections describing different aspects of the feature the tab outlines. A list of answers to questions pertinent to each section has been provided by each modelling team. For additional details regarding a particular question or answer, continue to the google doc or excel version and hover the cursor over the cell. Links may be available for some questions and answers.

Compiled and maintained at the request of TB MAC stakeholders by the TB MAC committee, with thanks to the modelling teams. Please contact for further details.