October 24, 2020
Modelling to support advancing prevention

June 2, 2020
Country-level economic modelling virtual meeting

October 31, 2019
Country-level modelling and TB and Universal Health Coverage: the third annual TB/WHO Task Force meeting

September 24, 2018
Country-level modelling and TB prevention, vaccines & diagnostics: the second annual TB/WHO Task Force meeting

October 31, 2017
Modelling to support acceleration toward elimination

September 23, 2017
Country-level modelling and TB case detection: the first annual TB/WHO Task Force meeting

February 21, 2017
A high-level meeting of TB funders and stakeholders to create a shared vision for how TB modelling could best support country-level TB decision making between now and 2020

November 24, 2016
Modelling to overcome resistance to TB drugs and to the End TB Strategy

December 5, 2015
Modelling to support TB control policy in the era of the End TB Strategy

October 13, 2015
Modelling socio‐economic determinants and interventions for TB: what do we know, where do we go?

May 25, 2015
Post-2015 global TB targets #3

October 6, 2014
Post-2015 global TB targets #2

June 2, 2014
Post-2015 global TB targets #1

September 11, 2013
Rational introduction of new drugs and regimens

April 24, 2013
Impact and cost-effectiveness of current and future diagnostics for TB

September 28, 2012
Optimising TB Control in High HIV Prevalence Settings: Modelling and Quantitative Research Priorities

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