Our Introduction to tuberculosis modelling Post Graduate course has been held at the Union conference for five consecutive years so far, and here you will find the materials that we use on the course.

  • Presentations from the 2017 and 2018 courses
  •  Installation instructions for Berkeley Madonna software
  • Two model examples used on the course (please download the software before downloading these models as they can only be opened in the software) – ‘TB epi model’ and ‘TB improved diag’
  • A link to the paper by Lin, HH et al – The impact of new tuberculosis diagnostics on transmission: Why context matters (used on the course to discuss how to critically review a modelling paper)
  • A link to the paper  by Fojo et al – Mathematical Modeling of ‘Chronic’ Infectious Diseases: Unpacking the Black Box
  • Practical slides – sessions 1 and 2
  • Practical notes – sessions  1 and 2
  • Practical solutions – sessions  1 and 2