June 14, 2021

To efficiently allocate limited resources, National Tuberculosis Program (NTP) staff and technical assistance (TA) teams need to know the likely cost and health impact of available intervention packages. Intervention packages can be quantified by the resources they require to achieve a quantified health impact. This can be categorised into A) what resource needs are required for an intervention (e.g. the amount of nurse time and the number of diagnostics), B) the total cost of these resources (e.g. the unit cost multiplied by the resource amount), and C) the likely increase in health impact (e.g. an increase in treatment success) (see Figure).

As part of this aim, TB MAC and colleagues developed a letter Better data for country-level TB resource allocation are urgently required available here. The Supplementary data used and a checklist developed for this letter is available below.


October 8, 2018
Guidance for how mathematical modelling should be employed to support country-level TB decision-making

October 1, 2018
Case studies describing the experience of working with decision-makers, at both a country and global level.

July 2, 2018
Grants awarded by TB MAC

July 2, 2018
Papers published through TB MAC activities or funding

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