What is the consortium aiming to do?

The Consortium aims to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of TB control policy and practice at global and country level. We will achieve this by ensuring:

  1. Improved co-ordination, knowledge sharing and management within TB community
  2. New high quality modelling guidelines and resources
  3. Better informed TA/decision making communities and modellers

Who funds the consortium?

The consortium is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Who is ‘in’ the consortium?

Anyone using mathematical models or other quantitative methods to answer questions that are of interest to the Consortium.

How can I join?

To receive email updates about the consortium, including announcements about work packages the consortium is undertaking, and reports on completed meetings and work packages, please contact us.

Does the consortium fund research?

Yes, the Consortium does fund small analytic/modelling research studies. Calls for modelling applications will appear here.

A summary of funding award can be found here.