Application Opens: 2017-08-21
Application Closes: 2017-11-01 at midnight GMT

RfA decision date – 18th November 2017

The Modeling Research Group of the TB Modeling and Analysis Consortium (TB MAC) requests applications from qualified groups to conduct modeling analyses related to the epidemiology and/or economics of TB case detection.

A list of specific topics of interest includes: (1) the role of subclinical and bacteriologically negative TB in transmission and detection; (2) the role of novel diagnostic tests in TB case detection; (3) modeling TB case detection in heterogeneous (e.g. local or country level) contexts; (4) strengthening health systems to support TB case detection; and (5) cost, cost-effectiveness, financing, and affordability of TB case detection. These topics of interest are not meant to limit the scope of applications; any application that involves epidemiologic or economic modeling of TB case detection will be considered.

The total funding available for this call is US$100,000. We anticipate funding 1 or 2 projects through this call, depending on the quality of applications received. Applications are therefore encouraged to propose budgets of no more than US$50,000 for the highest likelihood of funding, though we will consider applications with budgets up to US$100,000. Funds will be allocated to applications, based on application quality as assessed by independent external reviewers using the assessment criteria below.

We particularly welcome applications from multi-disciplinary teams and teams that include a partner from the Global South.


Proposals will be scored by a panel of independent reviewers, as described here. A contract will be issued from LSHTM either to an institution or to an applicant personally in the form of consultancy fees.

Eligible costs

This call will pay Direct Costs and Indirect Costs only. Our ultimate funder is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and we would comply with the same Indirect Costs rule as they grant to us, which is up to 15%. See rules at :


Open to anybody, except members of the TB MAC Secretariat, TB MAC Advisory Panel, and TB MAC Committee at Johns Hopkins University (responsible for drafting this RFA) who are not eligible for this award.


Applications should include a proposal limited to three pages (excluding references, and with a minimum of 11 point font size). Proposals should be written in English and submitted online below.  Proposals should include: (i) an introduction to the topic; (ii) description of previous work in the area by the applicants; (iii) description and justification of the intended approach; (iv) deliverables of the project and their potential impact on the field; (v) timeline for the proposed work; (vi) budget and its justification. In addition, the principal applicant should provide a separate short bio-sketch (one page summary of qualifications, research interests, key funding publications and major sources of research support), as well as full contact details and a list of all other co-applicants/team members and their institutions. Note that publication costs will be covered separately, so should not be included in the budget. Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged within 48 hours, and all applicants will be notified of the outcome of review by email within 48 hours of the decision date.

Please note – there is no ‘submit’ button, please just save your submission and it will be received

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