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TB Treatment

Directly observed treatment in practice.

Math and TB

Figure shows the classic mathematical relationship between the proportion infected and the (average) annual risk of infection with Mtb.
Figure drawn by Paul Fine.

TB diagnosis

The practical process of preparing sputum samples for TB diagnosis.

Sutherland Graph

TB and Mathematical Modelling

Figure shows the result from one of the early TB models, and the first to explicitly model TB disease following re-infection with Mtb.
Sutherland et al.

Mission Statement

The TB Modelling and Analysis Consortium aims to expand the community of resourced, trained and reputable TB modellers to facilitate development of resources to fit stakeholder needs

We seek to do this by:

1. Improved co-ordination, knowledge sharing and management within the TB community.

2. New high quality modelling guidelines and resources.

3. Better informed TA / decision matking communities and modellers.