Hokkaido – Summer Bootcamp of Infectious Disease Modeling

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Infectious disease modeling has yet to be fully practicalized in Asia. We have had to build up good academic foundations to support epidemiological modeling studies. Since 2013, we organizers have launched the research consortium of epidemiological modeling, calling all associated experts who are interested in modeling studies and conducting joint original studies, fund raising, and educational activities. We consider that offering young researchers a good training program is the highest priority. Successfully completing summer short courses from 2014-17, here we announce the call for participants for the fifth summer course, 2018.

We call for participants regardless of their academic background. There is no eligibility condition for academic qualifications, although the course contents assume that participants can understand and utilize high school mathematics including basic linear algebra. In the last three years, the expertise of participants ranged from applied mathematics, statistics, information science, physics, clinical medicine, veterinary medicine, public health, health science and nursing, life science, biology to liberal arts.

The short course is essentially designed for Master’s course graduate student level. However, in the last three years, participants included undergraduate students, full-time researchers, epidemiologists, physicians, veterinary physicians and public health practitioners.

It should be noted that the advanced course has been designed for researchers with experience in introductory epidemiological modeling. Announcement of the advanced course has yet to be publicly made.

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