This review collates all the TB modelling papers on novel diagnostics, which was used for the second TB MAC meeting held in April 2013 in Amsterdam. The file can be downloaded below. This holds all the references in the RIS format, which can be imported directly in most reference manager software packages.

Scope of review: Models that evaluated novel tools to diagnose active TB. Not models that explore impact of screening new populations (e.g. Active versus Passive Case Finding). Review focuses on the models comparing diagnostic tool or methods of TB diagnostic modelling, not populations to diagnose.

Papers were selected from the general TB MAC resource of all TB modelling database. A free text search for ‘diagn’ was done to identify potentially relevant papers.

Inclusion/Exclusion criteria

  1. Excluded if:
    1. Focus on diagnosing latent TB disease to fit with scope of meeting
    2. Published before 2000 (so to reflect current modelling practices and reasonably novel diagnostic methods)
    3. Used only diagnostic tools that fall within existing standards of care at the time of analysis. Note: Xpert not considered standard of care for this review
  2. Include cost-effectiveness papers only if reported use of decision or markov model in analysis

Paper selection and data extraction done by 2 reviewers (Alice Zwerling, Rein Houben). From 436 records we selected 92 papers for full-text review, of which 31 papers were included for data extraction.

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