TB MAC ‘Introduction to TB Modelling’ post-graduate course – 3rd/4th December 2015 – Cape Town, South Africa

We are pleased to announce that for the third year running TB MAC organised the ‘Introduction to TB Modelling’ post graduate course at the 2015 Union conference in Cape Town.

The course was aimed at all individuals interested in modelling Tuberculosis and the impact of TB care and control programmes. We introduced participants to the basic structures, assumptions, principles, and concepts of TB modelling, including key aspects of Mtb natural history and the impact and cost-effectiveness of TB care and control programmes. Participants gained hands-on experience of using a TB model and how to appraise TB modelling papers. We also highlighted the role of modelling for policy and decision making and resources available from the TB Modelling and Analysis Consortium (www.tb-mac.org)

We had 22 people attend the course this year, and we hope to be invited to run it again at next year’s conference in Liverpool.

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