Post-2015 Global TB Targets Meetings 1 and 2

TB MAC is co-ordinating a multi-model exercise to explore if and how we might reach the proposed post-2015 Global TB Targets in selected countries. The first meeting in this work area was held in Seattle (see photo). Participating modelling groups, economists and other experts met and discussed how to assess if and how the new post-2015 GTB global TB targets could be reached. Initial results were discussed, and a course was set towards the upcoming Union Conference, where preliminary results will be presented to a wider audience. You can find more details about the meeting here and a full meeting report can be found here.

The second meeting developed the methods of the exercise, discussed progress made so far, made key decisions and set out the path towards the next milestones, the Targets Union Conference Symposium in October, and the further revision, publication and dissemination of this work.

See the meeting report for more details.

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