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TB MAC / WHO September annual meeting - Friday 22nd September 2017 presentations

TB MAC / WHO annual meeting Friday presentations

1) Pete Dodd - Incorporating health systems into epidemiological models of TB case detection : What are the major considerations?

2) Bertie Squire - Thinking about health systems as a determinant of the impact and cost-effectiveness of TB case detection

3) Karin Diaconu - Health service delivery in high-burden settings : What are the major considerations for models of TB case detection?

4) Hojoon Sohn - It's time to think about health systems factors more closely : What and how do the health systems factors influence the costs and effectiveness of TB intervention(s)?

5) Nicole Fraser-Hurt and Gerard Abou Jaoude - Optimising the allocative efficiency of TB case detection interventions :  What are the key considerations?

6) Fiammetta Bozzani - Data considerations for models of the economics of TB case detection