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TB MAC / WHO annual meeting - Thursday 21st September 2017 presentations

TB MAC / WHO annual meeting Thursday presentations

1) James Trauer - Incorporating case detection into epidemiological models of TB 

2) Olivia Oxlade - Modelling TB control in the Inuit in Northern Canada : 1950 to today

3) Hanif Esmail - Conceptualising subclinical TB and its role in transmission at the population level

4) Rein Houben - Comparing case detection against other interventions in TB models 

5) Katharina Kranzer - Will new diagnostics impact on transmission? (In four parts due to large slides)

6) Samuel Schumacher - Detecting cases earlier and detecting earlier cases : Potential synergies and risks

7) Bradley Wagner - How should diagnostics for incipient TB be utilised to reduce population-level transmission?

8) David Dowdy - Modelling the role of novel TB diagnostics : Black and white or shades of grey?

9) Sourya Shrestha - Data requirements and key considerations for incorporating heterogeneity into models of TB case detection (in two parts due to large slides)

11) Jon Zelner - The importance of the social context in modelling TB case detection

12) Nim Pathy - Modelling the impact of TB case detection in diverse countries : The SEARO experience