November 15, 2018
A collection of videos of useful TB modelling presentations

October 24, 2018
Our Introduction to tuberculosis modelling Post Graduate course has been held at the Union conference for five consecutive years so far, and here you will find the materials that we use on the course.

August 29, 2018
Slide template and deck describing TB MAC

August 1, 2018
A compendium of available external modelling tools and resources

June 14, 2018
A catalogue and characterisation of models able to provide all of the following: country-level estimates of TB, the health impact of competing policy alternatives for TB control and guidance on optimal resource allocation or the exploration of incremental cost-effectiveness

November 1, 2017
This review collates all mathematical and economic TB modelling papers

October 6, 2017
An archive of previous TB MAC newsletters, including events, publications and requests

May 10, 2013
This review collates all TB modelling papers on novel diagnostics

September 1, 2012
This review collates all TB modelling papers in high HIV prevalence settings

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